Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 15 - tiredness, tears, terrificness

Literally, I am crawling into the weekend...

I got up early this morning determined to get back into exercise. My calf muscles have been screaming since Monday when I did the stair run and came straight home and online for the day without stretching - literally aching. So a bit of a surprise today to get out there, but only managed a slow jog and walked the rest. Loving all of the stunning autumn colours...

I have loved almost everything about this week despite the endless Zui - zoom hui, the multi repeated sessions calming, and suggesting this is a time to take things slowly, a time to do things differently, a time for kindness and calm...

We work this way, we are used to technology and working online and we are SHATTERED, so I can but wonder the absolute exhaustion of those to whom this is new. 

I absolutely loved the opportunity to join the livecast this morning. 
click on the link for the recording 


Dr Michelle Dickinson - Why Science Education Is So Important Right Now
Claire Amos - When Learning Goes Remote - Why Home Doesn't Need To Be School
Cecilia Robinson - Work From Home: The Juggle Is Real
Dr Sarb Johal: Sharing Your Bubbles: Looking After Yourselves And Your Kids When Covid-19 Is Around.

It was truly fabulous to see 552 people online. The comments in the chat were so reassuring - so good to see the value of this. THANKS so much to the team who put this together. 

The afternoon was more online meeting time and truthfully, I cried in a Zoom meeting today. Yes I am tired, yes I care, sometimes things just knock you sideways... I am acknowledging how I feel, and I will work through it... I hope whatever you are going through now is ok! YOU are enough, YOU matter... hahahaha I am so good at saying that to others... I NEED to say it more to myself...

...and the day was almost at an end when I got news that lots more schools need support - YAY - such a privilege to work with schools right now...

BUT THE ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT OF OUR DAY.... a facetime with our family... The pictures tell the true joy of this story....

How truly privileged we are to have technology that allows us the very next best thing to actually being face to face. We loved every single moment of chatting and reading online with this very precious little darling. 

Finished the day by finally being able to make Grant's favourite meal thanks to Countdown Click and Collect - beyond grateful to all of you are working so hard!!!!

YUSS weekend... coming at YOU!

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